However, diplomats from other Western countries have said such a dramatic turn around after years of conflict between U.S|It is a win-win for ISAF (International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan), the U.S., Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Kiyani’s remarks highlighted a two-fold view within the military: On the one hand, Pakistan’s army generals are skeptical of India —Islamabad’s main rival — emerging as a stronger player in Afghanistan going into the future|In the past week, U.S|Obama’s plan to stabilize Afghanistan}

The comments by Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani, Pakistan’s army chief, however, were also a reflection of growing self confidence within the military, which increasingly recognizes its pivotal role in Mr. Obama’s plan to stabilize Afghanistan.

In the past week, U.S. officials, before and pc 바둑이 after the international conference on Afghanistan which was held in London, spoke of the beginning of a period of rehabilitation of Taliban militants who are prepared to lay down their arms in Afghanistan.